Full body massage in Berlin

Beyond everyday stress in Berlin. Massages that will take you to the world of relaxation.

It is wonderful to immerse yourself in a big city like Berlin and feel the liveliness. The versatile options can also become a challenge when rushing from one appointment to the next. As a Berlin masseur on a mission to help and cure, I am happy to offer a full body massage to balance your physical state of tension. A full body massage is a wonderful opportunity to feel yourself and enter into relaxed inner peace.
My massage is an invitation to loosen up and let go. It is a journey to rediscover your body. Comforting intense strokes along the entire body, alternating with swaying movements will lead you into deep relaxation. Structural work on joints and muscles, as well as passive movement of the joints, increase sensorimotor awareness. At the same time, the treatment promotes the reduction of stress hormones. Feel yourself moving, feel the heaviness of your body and how your head gradually becomes free.

Over the years my full body massages have evolved. My relaxation massage is a synthesis of versatile techniques. I combine classical massage (also called Swedish massage) with techniques from acupressure, fascia treatment, foot massage, osteopathic techniques, shiatsu and Thai massage techniques.

The ideal treatment time for a relaxing massage is between 60 and 90 minutes. You can choose the intensity of the full body massage from gentle to strong.