MassagenBerlin – book the right appointment online

This is a service of my patient management Lemniscus. In the area below you will find additional detailed instructions on how to book your appointment.

The way to your appointment

1. Enter contact details

You have two options:

Option 1

I haven’t had an appointment yet – Click here if this is your first time seeing my practice OR you last saw me in 2019 (or even earlier), or you have a new email address. Then please enter your contact information in full. You will then be able to „request your personal code“, this will be emailed to you. Enter the code next to the button and click on „Continue“.
At your next appointment booking you can then log in again simplified with the second option (only with your e-mail address and your personal code). In addition, after your first appointment booking you will receive a personal direct link by mail, which makes it even easier for you to book immediately, whenever you want.

Option 2

I already had an appointment / email address already stored – you can activate if you had an appointment in my practice from 2020 or later and your mail address is still current. Add your mail address, as well as the code and click on „Next“.
You don’t have your code anymore? No problem! You can request your current code again or replace it. You will receive it immediately by mail.

2. read and confirm terms and conditions

As a new patient or after changes to the T&C, please read them and click on confirm. For further appointments you will automatically be taken to the next step.
You can also view the privacy policy and the imprint on this page.

3. choose treatment

Now you can choose your desired treatment and continue to the next step.

4. choose days and times of day

In this section you can specify suitable days of the week and times of the day, in which the program should search for feien appointments. The next step will display suggestions that match your desired days and times of day.

5. select appointment or waiting list place

Here you can select your desired date.

If the first available date is too far in the future for you, you can also simply enter your name in the waiting list. You will always find this option at the bottom after the last suggested date. You will then be automatically notified by e-mail if a suitable appointment becomes available for you earlier. This appointment is then reserved for you for 6 hours without obligation. You will receive a reservation email in which you can accept or cancel.

Alternatively, you can also book an appointment that is further away and put yourself on the waiting list for an earlier appointment. I would particularly like to recommend this option to you. It has already proven itself in many cases.

6. confirm and book

In the 6th selection window you confirm the previously selected appointment or your waiting list place once again and book it. You can also send me a message here.

Within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail with your appointment confirmation and further information. By the way, you can cancel the appointment free of charge at any time up to 24 hours before. In the confirmation email you will find a link that allows you to do this with just a few clicks.

Book or cancel further appointments

After booking an appointment, you can also book one or more additional appointments directly.

When you are completely finished, all booked appointments will be displayed again and you can end the appointment booking.

Attention: Time limit for booking

You have a maximum of 5 minutes for the actual booking of each appointment. During this time, all appointments displayed to you are reserved exclusively for you! (During this time, no one can snatch one of these appointments from under your nose). Therefore, a clock is displayed above the appointments, which shows you how much time you have left for this. If for some reason you need more time to make a decision, simply click on Start new appointment search. You will then return to step 4 and can easily continue booking from there.

Difficulties with booking

If you get stuck at any point, just send me an email or give me a call – we will find a solution together or I will simply book your desired date for you.